New Contributor!

August 17, 2011


Andy and I: Being Besties

Well this is still Michelle, posting under my new contributor’s login, but from this point on anything you see posted by Andrew, will be IN FACT my roommate Andy McBee (or perhaps just McBee). He’s been on this Epic Journey with me from the start, and has a habit of forwarding me articles he thinks I’ll be interested in. So, I thought, why not just let Andy post them himself? Exactly. So, that’s what is going to happen.

Andy recently shared this article from Yahoo! news, about the amount of protein Americans intake versus other countries and compared to our actual needs. As I’ve written about before, people aren’t ever “protein deficient” and it is very easy for vegan and vegetarian eaters to get all the protein they need from beans, rice and other whole grains.

Andy was eating a vegan diet with me for about a month, but his body didn’t adjust as well as mine did and he consistantly felt tired and sluggish, so he has reincorporated lean meats into his diet. Hopefully he will tell you more about this next week.

Welcome Andy!


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