Clean-up After a Workout

August 18, 2011

PhotobucketI keep babywipes around for this purpose, but Lifehacker recently reposted this idea to make your own portable “shower”. Basically you make a frozen bar that is half soapy water, half just water. So, you can tidy yourself up and rise after working out. For those of us without a gym membership it’s nice to be less-gross post hiking or what have you.

I usually just roll with spare deoderent, a fresh shirt (and sometimes bra) and some babywipes. However, I imagine most men don’t want to smell like babies or flowers or girlstuff, so this is a neat idea. I’m not sure how long it’ll stay frozen though. This would work well if you’re going to do an activity with a specific end-point, like a game of soccer. But for a trip hiking on the coast it probably wouldn’t last all day.


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