Chocolate is Good?

August 31, 2011

PhotobucketBeing new to the whole blog posting thing, I don’t know where to start
exactly so I will just jump in.  My family has a history of heart
issues ranging from high blood pressure/cholesterol to hypertension to
heart failure.  They say “Knowing is half the battle” and while that
is true, it’s hard to keep that information at the forefront when
you’re only 25. I do try to make conscious decisions about what I
choose to eat and that involves trying to limit red meat, intake some
form of fruit or vegetables and limiting sweets. I’ve never really had
too much of a sweet tooth for candy, even when I was younger, but this
article from the New York Times has intrigued me a bit

I’m not a huge milk chocolate fan, but I am partial to dark and
semi-sweet and the fact that something so delicious can show heart
health benefits is refreshing to hear.  Now I’m not going to go out
and start being the kind of guy that always seems to have a candy bar
around, but it is good to know that if I see one of the craft
chocolates where there is some assortment of berries in it, I’ll
hesitate just a little less now… because it’s good for your heart.


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