Fitness Profile: Ashley P

September 2, 2011

PhotobucketOne of my favorite people, Miss Ashley P. just ran Hood to Coast and was kind enough to let me ask her questions about it! Per usual, my questions are in black and her answers are blue.

You just ran Hood to Coast for the first time, are you game to do it
again someday?

Absolutely. It was so much fun.

I know you ran when you were younger, can you tell me a bit about that?

I started running in high school mostly because of my basketball coach. I was really slow and he suggested that I join the cross country team to get stamina and to run faster, which kind of worked until I tore three ligaments in my ankle. Not that I was really fast before—I just was less slow and then I got hurt and became more slow.

Before training for H2C what was your exercise routine like?

I really didn’t have one except for riding my bike around town every day. I was running sporadically, but not enough to be doing me a significant amount of good.

What did you do to train for H2C?

I ran. Seriously, I ran a few times a week while I was in school and then when I went back home I ran every day pretty much. I took about five days total off during a month of running. Two weeks into being home I also started a push up and sit up routine.

Did you change your diet?

Not really. I tried to eat more protein. When you start running any sort of distance your metabolism speeds up, but I have a good amount of “extra energy” so I tried not to eat as much.

How would you describe the race?

Phenomenal. It was so much work, but there was such a feeling of teamwork (not to mention that no one on the team was really serious about it) that it was a blast.

What are you thankful you did in prep?

I am just glad that I prepared. I wasn’t fast but I ran the whole thing and that’s what I was trying for.

What would you do differently?

I would start more serious running earlier on, and would do more to strengthen my arms and back. (That’s what got tired first actually.)

What advice do you have for someone who wants to train for a distance
race like H2C?

I would say take it slow. It is really easy to get burnt out on running. I trained for a marathon three years ago and that’s what happened. I followed a strict schedule and only took days off when it said I could, which made me loath running. I ended up not running the race and it put me off running for years. I would say do what you can and no more. You will have to push yourself eventually, but your body and brain are pretty good at communicating when that time will be.

Which Spice Girls album was best?

I don’t know…probably the one with that song “if you wanna be my lover” on it.


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