The Importance of Groceries

September 6, 2011

PhotobucketAs you read this you will probably be thinking to yourself “Duh, Michelle,” but I felt the subject was worth writing about, and it’s my blog, so I’m the boss, so there.

Anyway, I went grocery shopping today because I’d completely run out of food. I realized that I often put off actual shopping trips by buying food for just one or two meals. This is especially easy for me because I live three blocks away from two different grocery stores. It could be worse, I could be eating fast food I guess, but when I shop meal by meal I tend to make poor decisions and spend way more money.

Today I sat down and actually thought about the things I wanted to eat for the whole week before I went to the store, and I’m going to try to do this weekly. I know these are things normal, responsible adults do already, so you aren’t sitting in front of your computer in shock and awe. But, the important thing here is: today I realized this, and it’s a big deal to me.

I also realized that my “impulse buys” at the grocery store have changed drastically. Today I let myself buy pickles and snap peas even though I didn’t need them. I used to buy Hot Pockets or candy. It’s just amazing to see how different cravings are now that my overall diet is healthier.


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