Passing on Pints to Pasta

September 7, 2011

PhotobucketBack in May I registered and posted about running the Pints to Pasta race in Portland, OR. Unfortunately, I have a broken toe on my left foot from running and falling in my house. This is why my parents always told me not to run in the house, and I never found value in that sentiment, until now.

Anyway, I’m biking everywhere at the moment because it’s too painful to walk to and from work. Benefit being that my leather Brooks saddle is wearing in nicely and my calves are getting ripped. The downside about toes is that there really isn’t much treatment available unless it’s your big toe. Until things clear up it’s going to be a lot of me and Dirty.

Andy McBee and I are instead thinking about running the Monster Mash on October 30th. They offer a 5k, which we can both easily do, and there’s a costume contest. If you’re in our area and you want to run with me let me know. Until then I advise all of you to: STOP RUNNING IN THE HOUSE. Broken toes effing hurt.


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