Warming Up Your Mind

September 9, 2011

PhotobucketNo Fitness Profile this week. Mostly because I was not motivated to seek someone out and interview them. Instead I spent my evenings riding bikes and being awesome; it’s okay to be jealous.

Anyway, this post from Lifehacker a few weeks ago raises a topic that I have always been terrible at: warming up. I don’t stretch, I don’t even really like to walk before I run and perhaps I’m not in the wrong for doing things the way I do. Even if I was, I wouldn’t admit it on my own blog would I?

BUT, to counter this article, I watched this documentary on WWE Wrestler John Cena on Netflix (yes I did), and he talked about how he used to get really hurt so now he has to stretch to be limber enough for his workouts.

Not only do I have terrible taste in Netflix, but apparently I also have very little shame. Stretching aside, perhaps this entire post was just so I could put a picture of John Cena on my blog. You’re welcome.


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