Bike Accident

September 14, 2011

Yesterday I wiped out pretty badly on my commute to work. I wasn’t wearing a helmet and hit my head pretty hard. Luckily I don’t have any broken bones. I walked away with an ER bill, concussion, sprained elbow and left ankle and a bunch of bruises, including my left ribs.

Things I am now motivated to buy to make my commute safer: a helmet, new tires and wheels, better peddles.

I know I’ve posted about bike safety before and last time I was in an accident I swore I’d get a helmet, but I didn’t. This time I feel lucky to be okay and will be getting a helmet and wearing it every time I ride.



2 Responses to “Bike Accident”

  1. […] I’d like to address running in low-light situations. Since I fell of my bike a few months ago, I’ve been taking it really easy on the cardio. It started because my ribs were bruised and […]

  2. […] Last fall I ate it pretty hard on my bicycle and ever since then I’m been pretty averse to attempting to ride anywhere for any reason. With the aid of new wheels and tires, and a helmet (yes, I’m doing that finally) I’m back out braving the road. A large part of this is due to my knee still being messed up and having trouble walking for extended periods of time. […]

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