Wrinkle Prevention 101

September 16, 2011

PhotobucketThis post is dedicated to preventing wrinkles. Why? Because 1. I’ve definitely noticed that in losing weight my skin is less “doughy” and elastic and more susceptible to showing age, and 2. because Sam keeps telling me I am going to be old and wrinkly someday and it makes me sad.

There are few things in life that make me truely delighted but one of them is having a wrinkle-free face, another is proving people wrong. So, until my face looks like a handbag I am going to fight and gloat accordingly.

Based on this article from Discovery Health, two of the biggest causes of wrinkles are the sun and gravity. I already spend a lot of time laying down (I wish I were kidding) but I could do a better job avoiding the sun. Luckily, my makeup has SPF 17 in it. I also try to moisturize regularly (I’m a big fan of Kiehls). Smoking is a big reason people wrinkle, which I already don’t do, but quitting side-sleeping is probably not going to happen. Lastly, sunglasses can help a lot which is awesome cause they make you look super cool, even at night, right? RIGHT?


One Response to “Wrinkle Prevention 101”

  1. Low Carb Says:

    Awesome post, this is exactly what I posted about the other day. Keep up the good work.

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