September 21, 2011

PhotobucketWell the time has come when I am back on the meat. You heard it here first (unless you’re my Facebook friend and you had enough time to stop complaining about the Facebook changes to read my status last night).

It started with sushi, and I’m going to be watching the amount of red meat and cheeses (almost no cheese) and focusing on making sure I still get tons of greens and veggies, but I am back to eating all the things, and I am super excited.

With all the stresses I’ve been having in my life lately, I realized that restricting my diet so dramatically was me trying to exert control over some part of my life. Instead of punishing myself, I am going to be better to me, and also start talking to a professional about stress management and coping in a healthy manner.

I predict eggs, fish and chicken will slowly ease their way back into my life, via my stomach, throughout this week. Also, I will at some point post a review of Why We Get Fat, the book Sam reviewed in his fitness profile. He lent it to me and it’s very in-line with the diet I followed to drop the majority of my weight. The most important difference being that I need more vegetables and less grains and cheese in general.


One Response to “Unvegan!”

  1. […] now that I am back to eating animal products I feel more sluggish and tired than usual. I did just sort of jump back in with both dairy and meat […]

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