Fitness Profile: Jonah Hill

October 4, 2011

PhotobucketOkay, so this isn’t really a fitness profile at all, but WTF look at how awesome Jonah Hill is looking now!

I’ve had a running joke for a few years that if I have kids with anyone it would be Jonah, because they’d be the chubbiest, funniest, round kids ever. I’m sure genetics are still in my favor there despite my future baby-daddy looking haaaaawwwwwt.

Good work Jonah, even if you just did it for a role, it’s better for your health in the long run!


One Response to “Fitness Profile: Jonah Hill”

  1. margasaur Says:

    He is looking so good! I’m glad we share yet ANOTHER thing in common – an unrequited love for Jonah Hill

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