Short-term Goals

October 6, 2011

PhotobucketLately, I’ve been getting back in the swing of my usual diet, but I haven’t really been focused on any specific goals. I have some long-term ones, like have a healthy BMI someday, but nothing really immediate, so I’ve decided to use clothes as a motivator. I’ve done this before, and while it can be frustrating, I find it extremely effective.

I’m going to buy a pair of size 12 jeans and size 10 jeans, I won’t try them on in the store, I already know they’ll be too small. But I’m going to buy them and bring them home. In the past I’ve tried my “skinny” jeans on sporadically. This time, I’m going to do it weekly, to replace my usual Monday Measurement.

This constant motivation should help me stay focused on my diet and exercise. Once the 12s fit, I’ll do the same with the 10s. And the best part is: once they fit I’ll have new jeans to wear.

This adventure won’t commence until I get paid around the 15th, but I’ll sure you’ll read more about that when we get there.


5 Responses to “Short-term Goals”

  1. Claret Says:

    I really like your idea. In fact, most of my clothes do not fit me anymore (too big) and I’m quite frustrated about that. If I planned my journey more carefully before, I’d be so happy to find jeans in my closet who fit me very well and are brand new! It’s like investment in the future as it would look much more expensive when you need to change ALL the clothes.

  2. Awesome blog post, this is exactly what I posted about last week. Keep up the good work.

  3. High Protein Says:

    Great blog post, this is nearly exactly what I posted about last week. Keep up the great work.

  4. […] I went to Torrid with a plan to buy some jeans for motivation, as I posted about earlier this month. I wanted to buy a 12 and 10, and use them as the carrot dangling on the end of my stick to […]

  5. […] time to sit down and establish my next set of goals. Since I don’t weigh myself I usually use clothing as an incentive. My new goals are no different. To give you an idea (aside from abstract numbered sizes, thanks […]

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