Recipe: Flaxmeal Pancakes

October 11, 2011

PhotobucketAwhile ago I asked Sam for this recipe, but then I went vegan on everyone’s asses and didn’t ever actually try it. Two weekends ago, however, Sam made these for me and they are DELICIOUS. So, now that I’ve actually tried them, I’m posting the recipe!

Flaxmeal Pancakes

2 Eggs
Splash of Cream
2-3 Heaping Spoons Flax Meal
1-2 Heaping Spoons Almond Meal
Dash Salt
A bit of Baking Powder

Beat Eggs with Cream. Add dry ingredients and mix well. Add less at first and work your way to batter consistency. Cook as any other pancake.

Sam likes to put butter and molasses on his. I tried the molasses and I don’t think it’s bad, but it’s definitely an acquired taste. I think they’d be awesome with almond or peanut butter–which I plan to try next time I have them.Photobucket

Thanks for the recipe and also for being effing awesome Sam!


One Response to “Recipe: Flaxmeal Pancakes”

  1. Susan Says:

    Great post, this is nearly exactly what I posted about last week. Keep up the good work.

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