The Art of Swinging

October 12, 2011

PhotobucketDespite the obvious sexual jokes that could (and have) been made about this post, I want to talk about swinging… like children do… at a park or playground. Let’s not make this sick, k guys?

This weekend Andy McBee and I went for a long walk on Sunday. Mostly because we spent the rest of the day laying on the couch watching Breaking Bad and needed some sort of physical activity to break up that lack of movement. We ended up walking to a park with swings and spending some time revisiting our youth. Swinging is surprisingly good for working out your core: both my lower back and my abs were burning by the time we were done. Andy said even his shoulders felt it; I’m too scared to go high enough for that to happen, but I imagine the harder you push yourself the more you workout, right?

We are lucky to live in a hippy town where someone was literally playing the banjo the whole time we were swinging, and another, completely unrelated man was juggling. You may not have these visual and auditory stimuli to keep you entertained for quite as long, but I’d definitely suggest stopping by a park and taking a few minutes to get your core workout on. It’s surprisingly really easy to spend half an hour or more and it’s way more fun than crunches.


One Response to “The Art of Swinging”

  1. Bill Says:

    Great blog post, this is exactly what I posted about last week. Keep up the good work.

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