October 18, 2011


  1. The quality or state of being practical.
  2. The aspects of a situation that involve the actual doing or experience of something rather than theories or ideas.

This is a new concept to me, making choices that are practical, rather than what seems most fun, easiest, cheapest etc. Part of this is growing up, but another is lifestyle/diet related.

Over the weekend I was tasked with needing to buy new walking shoes. For the last two years or so I’ve been buying a pair of Tom’s every month and using them as a measure of the amount I was walking: if I could wear through a pair of Tom’s in a month, I was walking enough. However, this also made my shoe budget $40 a month. While that isn’t an insane amount it is a consistent expense I probably don’t need to incur. On top of that some research and gentle urging from Sam led me to decide Tom’s aren’t really the best way to be spending my money.

This visit to the shoe store lead me to buy these Merrell’s and this is where the practicality comes into play. I don’t find these shoes too terribly aesthetically pleasing, and they are surely not as hip and trendy as owning 10 million colors of Tom’s is, BUT they also support my feet, don’t slip on my bike pedals, and won’t wear out in a month.

I know that there exists a balance between form and function, and I’ll surely get used to wearing more practical shoes (and other things) over time. I will say, I went out dancing in these shoes on Saturday–at a very trendy place, and my moves were fantastic compared to when I wear my 5-inch heels. However, there is a time and place for everything and I’m not giving those up forever. But, for walking around town trying to burn my extra pounds off and be greener, these new practical shoes are better.

Other practical purchases I’ll be making soon: a better coat and bike lights, but those are for another post. I don’t want to make Sam too excited with my rationality all at once.


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