Free Food

October 19, 2011

PhotobucketFinancially I am never in a position to refuse free things. Between rent and college debt I’m just barely getting by. But, one of the biggest challenges I face almost daily is being offered free food.

Does this happen to anyone else at work constantly? Sometimes it’s nice to indulge, but we have free bagels or donuts or something carby every day. I try to always eat before I come to work, and to bring my own food, but when someone toasts a bagel and eats it next to my desk it’s really hard to say no.

Whenever I bring food to a party or for a group I try to be mindful of diets and allergies and bring something like a veggie tray, but I realize not everyone thinks this way–especially if they can eat everything. AND especially if they work in a skate shop and eat a lot of junk (like my coworkers).

I just have to stay in a mindset that while the food may be free, the calories are not.


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