Fit2Fat2Fit: Drew Manning

October 21, 2011


Drew Manning week 23 of unrestricted eating and no exercise

After seeing this originally posted online and now a segment on Good Morning America, I feel like this practice Drew Manning is undergoing, while dangerous to his health, will provide an insight that many people will never gain.

For many people, being thin and fit is just a natural thing. Their metabolism is very strong and so dietary choices aren’t at the top of their list. Once that fall-back goes away though and weight begins to pile on, it can feel nearly impossible to get rid of it. For those who have never had it happen to themselves, it’s easy to just say “diet and exercise”. For Drew Manning in this case, he has dealt with numerous people who say that he doesn’t understand how tough it is and that for some, eating is an addiction.

I find this whole experiment completely fascinating and hope that the knowledge and experience gained by this can help both sides understand; those who want to get fit and need help and those who are fit and want to help.


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