Running in the Dark

October 25, 2011

PhotobucketThe title of this post makes me want to sing one of these two early 2000s hits. But, for the sake of those around me, I will refrain from both exposing my lack of singing talents and my horrible taste in music which clearly started in middle school.

Instead I’d like to address running in low-light situations. Since I fell of my bike a few months ago, I’ve been taking it really easy on the cardio. It started because my ribs were bruised and elevating my heart-rate and rapid breathing reeeeeeally hurt. Then it continued because it’s cold outside and I’m lazy. Cut to today and me trying to be active again, and well, yeah the days are shorter.

I woke up at 6am all fired up ready to jog my favorite loop and the sun was nowhere to be seen. I sat around for an hour and then realized I needed to get ready for work and it was still dark. Today I’ll be jogging after work, but soon it’ll be dark when I’m leaving work too. Obviously this just isn’t going to work if I plan to actually get outside and move around, so something needs to change. I’m planning to stop by REI to pick up one of these for my biking anyway, but it’ll also be useful for jogging in the dark. I also plan to pick up some pepper spray to avoid being abducted–especially because I prefer to run on a bark trail surrounded by trees which make convenient hiding places.

My running shoes and jacket already have reflective fabric on them, but it is a good idea to get reflective clothing (vest and gloves) if yours don’t. The more light you reflect the more visible you are. Now let’s just see how often I can make myself get up this early.


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