Lifehacker Workout: Day 2

October 26, 2011


Well today is day 2 (2 of 4) of the Lifehacker Workout featuring the Deck of Cards exercises. I’ll be doing some cardio and working through these tonight (I am excited to try the knee to elbow plank). In addition, I went jogging last night for about three miles and I went jogging this morning–I literally ran to the ATM and back to deposit a check.

I also wanted to share a post I recently came across on the Food Network blog. You can make several tiny changes to the way you order, prepare and eat food that are easily sustainable, but make a large impact over time. Some of the suggested changes are: ordering your salad dressing on the side and getting rid of the candy bowl at home or work. The idea is that over time all these little calorie savings will add up to lost poundage.

I might be going out to dinner tonight, and it won’t probably be a diet restricted meal, and in general I need to get better about pairing my eating and exercise habits. I am finding that I tend to really watch what I eat when I’m not working out much and vice versa. Imagine if I could really dial it in and do both… AT THE SAME TIME. Baby steps.


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