Weekly Update

November 2, 2011

PhotobucketDear Blogfriends,

I have neglected you this week so far, and for that I apologize. I haven’t taken my measurements this week, which is why there was no post Monday, but I think I’m thinner based on how none of my clothes are fitting correctly.

This weekend (tomorrow actually) I’m going out of town and taking a day and a half off work. I’ve been putting in 10-12 hour days trying to get everything done before then, and surprise surprise blogging isn’t a priority.

This last weekend I attended some Halloween parties, which is where the picture in this post came from.

I have also been working out at least once, but most days twice, daily and am surprised by my overall endurance and strength. It is taking a lot more to make me tired and sore than it used to. I have also been sticking to my diet people loyally and am starting to see what look like the makings of hip bones and abs–I call them ablets because they are kind of abs.

Anyway if I have time I’ll post a recipe or something, but if not you may only get this post until Monday.


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  1. hey, great blog! love it 🙂

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