The Dairy Dilemma

November 15, 2011

PhotobucketIf you’ve been following my blog, even just for a few months, you know that I’ve been playing around with my diet quite a bit this year.

I was pretty successful in losing weight following an adapted low carb diet, but then wanted to lower my cholesterol and decided to do it in a very drastic manner by eating vegan. I still lost weight on the vegan diet, but I had to cut out many of my favorite foods, and also incorporate more carbs than I’d have liked to.

However, now that I am back to eating animal products I feel more sluggish and tired than usual. I did just sort of jump back in with both dairy and meat right away. I didn’t and haven’t felt sick, but my energy levels are low, and every time I consume dairy products specifically I get very phlegmy and cough a bunch of stuff up (yes this may be an overshare, but this is mmmmmy blog). I’m thinking I may just do my usual low carb diet without dairy and see if this helps. My diet should be heavy on lean meats and green veggies anyway, and I’ve been trying to view cheese as a condiment, rather than the base of my food pyramid. But seems any dairy, even in tiny amounts, is making my body react. It’ll be interesting to see if this has any effect on my energy levels and overall well-being. I’m sure anyone that spends time with me in person will be thankful if this is the solution to my nasty phlegm cough issue.

So, to sum this post up: as of today no dairy for awhile. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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