Keeping the Faith: Boots Part 2

November 17, 2011

PhotobucketIt is amazing how difficult it is to stay motivated and how easy it is to tear your own motivation down.

I went and looked at boots yesterday, and despite my newly thinner calves, they still didn’t really fit around my tree-trunk legs quite yet.

It’s difficult for me to stay motivated to eat right and exercise when things like this happen. I venture out to a store, stars in my eyes, giddy that I’ll get to wear something new, only to have my feelings crushed with a realization that despite all of my progress, I haven’t made it far enough yet.

Almost immediately I wanted to buy some dairy-free ice cream or a chocolate bar. I didn’t let myself (I bought new mascara instead–calorie free), but I feel like it is important to recognize triggers that make me feel insecure.

It’s okay that boots don’t fit yet. I was at Target with cheap boots made of pleather for people with standard width calves. Real leather boots have a little give, and they make wide-calf boots for a reason. All of my hard work and progress shouldn’t be forgotten because one store’s boots didn’t fit. Instead of being hard on myself I want to pat myself on the back for being so darn close (1/2 an inch away, people!) and use this as motivation to jog a little further.

I remember making a similar post when I first started this blog when I first realized (at the same Target, actually) that I am not a failure for not fitting in standard sized clothing and same goes for boots. I plan to hit up some department stores for actual leather boots with a wider calf. That’ll show ’em.


2 Responses to “Keeping the Faith: Boots Part 2”

  1. adremiro Says:

    Standard boots don’t fit me too well either. I recently bought some Merrells (spendy, but completely worth it because I LOVE them) and they are actually too wide in the shaft.
    Keeping looking for your perfect boots. And continue to remember, we’re never too big/too wide/ too whatever, the clothes are are too small/too narrow/ too whatever. It’s the company’s problem that they didn’t make a product to fit us.
    You’re doing great!

    • figurefinder Says:

      Thanks Ashley! I am currently (this very moment) sporting some Merrell mary jane shoes with Vibram soles that I have taken to wearing EVERYWHERE. Did you find the boots in town?

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