Lifehacker Workout Update

November 22, 2011

PhotobucketI don’t know if anyone else (that follows me) started the Lifehacker workout I posted about, but I have been keeping up with the Monday, Wednesday and Friday routines. I generally walk or jog in addition to these every day. Recently I’ve also been using my rowing machine because it’s been pretty stormy outside.

I’m finding that even though these same workouts are getting less and less challenging over the passing weeks, it is easy to keep myself on track because I know that they’ll be easy and quick. I happen to also own p90x, which I’m repeatedly failed trying to train with, but I may have the gusto and strength to actually do it now that I’ve been training so regularly with this. I’m also still doing the push-up challenge and regularly crank out 100 a day (over the course of a day, anyway, not all at once… yet).


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