Eating Gluten-Free

November 23, 2011

PhotobucketPersonally, my body has no issues processing wheat or gluten, but several of my friends: including my roommate Ashley, cannot eat gluten anymore. Because of this I am finding myself always scoping out gluten-free options and recipes in case I end up dining with one of my GF friends.

An easy thing I found this weekend was bulk gluten-free pasta. Costing only $1.58 per pound, it’s a pretty great deal, and made out of brown rice flour I don’t feel terrible eating it (despite the carbs).

You can keep this dairy-free by sauteing some onion and garlic, bell pepper, spinach, brocoli (and any other veggies you like), and adding the pasta cooked al dente to this mix. Toss in a little salt, pepper, dried oregano, and cooked chicken (if you eat meat) for a super cheap, quick and gluten-free meal.

Coming from someone who can generally tell the difference, I have to say this pasta did not taste odd to me in the least, and everyone in the house was able to eat it!


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