Dieting Politely

November 24, 2011

PhotobucketWhether you’re spending the holidays with family, or you’re just spending time with people you don’t see often, dieting within a group setting can be very difficult.

This week, for example, I’m going to be spending Thanksgiving with my roommate Ashley’s family. They know a bit about my eating habits, but I certainly do not expect them to prepare dishes according to what I can and cannot eat.

The way I’ve always prepared myself to deal with these situations is compromise. I know that there will be some things I can definitely eat: turkey, green beans, perhaps some other veggies. There will also be foods I absolutely won’t eat: mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls. And, then there will be foods I can take a tiny bit of and even if I don’t touch it (like cranberry sauce) it makes me appear grateful for the meal.

Try to avoid announcing your preferences and why they’re bad, as your fellow dining mates are enjoying their food and it is really rude to tell someone that they shouldn’t be stuffing their face full of whatever. Obviously, allergies are a different situation than dieting preferences.

Tomorrow I plan to revisit Friendly Fire, and how to avoid letting others get you off track (something BIG around the holidays).


One Response to “Dieting Politely”

  1. There are many weight control recipes that not only help you lose weight but also taste great too. The trick to eating healthy is to eat smaller portions and use less fat when cooking.

    Controlling your weight through food is not hard but it does take some practice and getting used to.

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