Treat Yo’ Self

November 30, 2011

PhotobucketInspired by one of my favorite Parks and Rec scenes this post is all about taking breaks from your routine to treat yourself.

Yesterday I posted about what I normally eat. I also normally exercise every day, and some days work out twice, or do really strenuous work outs (like 10 miles runs, two days in a row, yeah… still recovering from that one).

BUT, it is reaaaaally important to build in treats throughout the week so you don’t go crazy!

I was talking with my neighbor Jessica, and she expressed frustration in burning out on a diet, making a poor decision: a doughnut for breakfast, and feeling like she’d wasted a whole day. Instead of just having that one doughnut and getting back on track, she’d binge getting fried food for lunch, pizza for dinner and ice cream for dessert.

To avoid letting myself slip like that, I try to reward hard work and strict eating with a planned treat. This way I look forward to whatever it is (like Sizzle Pie this weekend!!!) and stay focused until I get to that point. It’s also a lot easier to just have that one treat and not throw the whole day away eating bad foods.

I also find it is important to plan rest days in my workout routine. It is very very easy to burn out with both diet and exercise if you push yourself too much. Rewarding yourself, in moderation, but frequently, will keep your mental health in check and make long-term health management much easier.


One Response to “Treat Yo’ Self”

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