Understanding Underwear

December 7, 2011

PhotobucketHas anyone noticed how personal this blog has gotten in the last few weeks? We went from recipes and reposting of workout tips to talking about my bowel movements and dance parties, alone. Unfortunately, today isn’t much better as I’d like to discuss my underwear.

Alright, so I’ve definitely discussed the importance of buying new clothing as you lose weight. It fits. It helps you feel better about how you look. It helps you feel better (retail therapy). But, one thing I have neglected to replace regularly is underwear.

I’m pretty good about buying a nice lacy thing to impress my man-friend now and again (and yes, that fits), but everyday underwear, ehhh people don’t really see that. I don’t have a gym membership–I’m not spending a lot of time in locker rooms, or changing in front of people. Therefore, until last week I was still sporting undies from when I was nearly 300lbs. My roommates have frequently heard about my techniques for rolling down the waistband so that they stay around my hips. Hey… if you think I over-share on here you clearly don’t know me in person.

Anyway, last week I got new undies and let me tell you THIS IS A WHOLE NEW WORLD. I mostly only wear thongs and I forgot how comfortable they are when they actually fit. (Ashley says you won’t get wedgies if you buy bikini cuts that fit, but I refuse to believe this). If you have ever ridden a bike in a thong 4 sizes too big, this advice is for you: buy new underwear. You and your bits will thank me.


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