Tailor Your Shopping Experience

January 10, 2012

PhotobucketI’ve posted a lot about shopping, a lot, a lot. But, after reading this post from inkdot.tumblr.com yesterday I felt the need to revisit the subject. As you’ve probably read, I can’t really buy pants well because of my body type (pear shaped) and proportions. Some things fit great right off the rack (I’m looking at you empire waist dresses), but everything else clings to everything but my waist.

Even if you don’t have a similar body type, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. Shirts tight in the chest and loose everywhere else, pants loose in the thighs, etc. So, you’ll be glad to know there is a solution: take that shiz to a tailor and ALL of your problems will be fixed.

The trick is to fit the widest point of your body and have every other point taken in to compliment your shape. Now tailoring can be expensive, but why not do it on your more expensive pieces? I know I don’t mind wearing jeans cinched with a belt right now because these jeans aren’t my goal jeans, they were also like $20 bucks. But, once I’m down to a healthy weight, I’ll invest in some more expensive denim. You know, jeans that won’t fall apart after 15 washes, and those I’ll get tailored–an extra $15 doesn’t seem like much if you’ve already spent $60-100 on the pants anyway. I’d also consider getting dress shirts, blazers and slacks done if I needed to wear them to work often.

Depending on where you shop some higher-end department stores, and specialty denim stores, will alter your pants and other clothing for free. I know Banana Republic and Buckle do this. If you’ve found yourself fed up with how your clothes are fitting I suggest you check out the article, or better yet, check out your local tailor.


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