The Dangers of Overexertion

February 7, 2012

PhotobucketWell friends, as I said yesterday, I am pushing myself for double workouts this week. It had been awhile since I really ran so yesterday I went about three miles before work, and a similar distance before bed. It’s been really cold here and it was nice to work hard yet barely sweat. Also, my aerobic stamina is a lot better than I had anticipated and my muscles tired well before my lungs did.

However, this morning is not the same story. This morning I have been inducted to the world of shin splints. It’s my own fault for pushing myself too hard yesterday, but what’s really the worst is that these impact my ability to run for a few days.

Instead, I’ll be hiking Skinner’s Butte on my lunch, and going for an extra walk this evening. Still two workouts, but definitely not of the intensity I’d like.

The lesson here, kids, is even at the peak of motivation it is wise to take things slow and pace yourself. Had I done that yesterday I would’ve been able to run again this morning. More running equals a sluttier dress on my birthday–or, you know, better overall health and whatnot.


One Response to “The Dangers of Overexertion”

  1. […] the transition to running is to pay attention to your body. If you push yourself too far too fast you’ll end up with injuries or burn yourself out. Just take it slow and be patient with yourself. If you consistently run […]

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