Personal Goals

February 9, 2012

PhotobucketYesterday I actually took the time to sit down and establish my next set of goals. Since I don’t weigh myself I usually use clothing as an incentive. My new goals are no different. To give you an idea (aside from abstract numbered sizes, thanks women’s clothing) I’ll include measurements in inches:

Size 12 Jeans–what I wear now–31″ waist 40.5″ hip

Size 8 Jeans–short-term goal–28″ waist 38.5″ hip

Size 4 Jeans–long-term goal–26″ waist 36.5″ hip

I’m hoping by sticking with my diet and exercise plan to squeeze myself into an 8 by March. Looking up the measurements actually makes me feel a lot better: only three inches off my waist!

I don’t really have a timeline for my final goal of a 4, but it would be nice by summer. All the more reason to keep at it and stay dedicated. This is day four of a VERY strict low-carb diet and so far I’ve managed to avoid all of my usual pitfalls.


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