Larger than Life

February 15, 2012

PhotobucketOver the weekend I bought the shirt pictured at Target. I didn’t already own a flannel, plaid shirt and figure at some point I’ll need to have one in my closet to be considered a true hipster.

The point of this post is not to tell you how cool I am, though. Instead I want to call attention (yet again) to size discrepancies in clothing.

I bought this shirt in a size XXL. I’m not ashamed of the size listed on the tag, but I am really annoyed by the wide differences I see between different retailers and brands. In a similar shirt I wear a size medium at Old Navy, and a large at American Eagle.

I guess the moral of this story is that you should be open to trying on 2 or 3 sizes and buying whichever one fits best regardless of what it says on the tag–don’t let sizing discourage you. When I started this blog I was wearing XXL jersey knit dresses from Target and about 100lbs later I am still wearing a XXL from the same effing store. Despite how ridiculous that is I both look and feel way better and health is the most important part of this journey.


4 Responses to “Larger than Life”

  1. I’m gonna guess that that XXL is a juniors size. Target has both womens and juniors sized clothing. I’d like to formally welcome you to the land of the tiny sizes.

  2. figurefinder Says:

    Yes, it is a junior shirt. The dresses were too, back when I was huge, but they were jersey with an empire waist, so they were cut in a way and stretched in a way that fit me.

    And thanks for reading/commenting Elina!

    • No problem, I am an avid stalker of things people do.

      Jesus Christ Target, you make no sense. I think I once fit into a skirt that was a 2. I am not a 2. What the hell would a woman do if she you know, actually needed that size?

      • figurefinder Says:

        Yet another reason I should probably up my clothing budget and shop and better places than Target? I’m just trying to get by with CHEAP cheap stuff until I reach a size I want to stay.

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