Olga’s 50-day Goal

February 22, 2012

PhotobucketI met Olga in college back in… 2005 or 2006… maybe(?)… at a party. We never really spent much time together but being of similar personality and tastes she has stayed on my radar (through Facebook) all of these years. Right now she has just set out on her own fitness journey and is blogging about a 50-day challenge she has set for herself.

She says it best in her first post:

Anyone who’s been overweight knows what I’m going through right now.  You see an event in the future that you’d really like to look slimmer for and you set crazy goals to be thinner by then.  Maybe you even start out well by getting back to the gym and starting a restrictive diet.  But most of you know that this doesn’t last long.  The date of the event gets closer and closer and you just keep starting over, each time with more frustration.

Which inspires me to pick a future goal and start a daily countdown as well. Nothing like an event to provide real motivation, and even if you don’t make it all the way to your goal, you’re better off than when you started. I’m adding Olga’s blog to my blogroll and I encourage you to follow it and see her progress. Great work so far lady and I’m excited to see where this challenge takes you in the future!


3 Responses to “Olga’s 50-day Goal”

  1. olgasjourney Says:

    Thanks so much for including me in your blog! I’m honored! We will have to keep each other motivated!

  2. olgasjourney Says:

    Oh, and thanks for posting one of the better photos of me! :p

  3. figurefinder Says:

    I liked your make-up in this one. It was between this or the snow-shoeing one, which was pretty darn adorable.

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