Dia de los (Un)Muertos

February 24, 2012

PhotobucketBasically, I’m not dead.

Although, yesterday I pretty much felt like it was imminent. I’m starting to feel like this blog simply serves as an example of “what not to do”. Or, as Sam once said about me: “Some people have to touch the stove twice.” My birthday celebration was no exception. If you decide to go to an all-night dance function, in an abandoned warehouse, without heat, and use port-a-potties without hand sanitizer available, your immune system WILL drop. Germlets WILL get all up in your mucus membranes. You WILL get sick. Luckily, (I suppose) I have a bacteria and not a virus, so a days worth of antibiotics has me feeling nearly human again.

Since I missed a few days of work this week, my weekend will consist of …work. Also, I plan to get outside and walk my usual running paths (five miles tonight, and five tomorrow), and hopefully be running again by Sunday. I didn’t allow myself to completely fall off my diet due to sickness, and because my throat was hurting so badly, I actually ate less than usual–oddly a silver lining.

But, I absolve that this is a sign I need to take better care of myself. Set-backs this early in training aren’t going to do too much damage, but I can’t keep staying out all night and partying with friends just because it sounds fun. I have bigger fish to fry. Dancing for one night can impact an entire week’s worth of training. I highly doubt I’ll be thinking about how awesome my birthday party was when I’m blowing my quads out at Hood to Coast this summer. Anyway, cheers to the weekend and also cheers to having my health. I always take it for granted until I realize how miserable life is without it.


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