Hell Feels Cold

March 1, 2012


Look how much fun we're having--not in the snow!

Alright. Despite everything I have ever said on this blog, ever, I have pulled the trigger, bitten the bullet, and a third cliche firearms reference that isn’t really relevant to this post: I’ve joined a gym.

After getting sick it’s been really hard to get outside and run around in literally freezing temperatures. My lungs hurt guys. They hurt real bad! And, I refuse to let being sick, or recovering from being sick, be a reason to stop making progress.

So, from this day forth I’m going to be just another one of the masses doing group yoga, and Zumba and lap swimming in the heated pool–but I’ll also still be going outside to run (I’ve got Hood to Coast to train for) and bike and walk and enjoy the scenery. Plus, I have even more news about my fitness training to tell you tomorrow (BIG NEWS).

If you live in the Eugene area and are interested, I joined Oakway Fitness–at less than $30 a month it’s pretty affordable and I welcome all the workout buddies I can amass!

Lastly, I still firmly believe that you do not need a gym membership to get healthy, lose weight, or be toned. Fitness is free–and I’ve spent two years eating less and moving more. One should never let money be a barrier to being healthy.


2 Responses to “Hell Feels Cold”

  1. […] I said in yesterday’s post: I’ve been working out and dieting by myself for over two years, and in those two years I&#8217…. I firmly believe anyone can lose weight and become healthier on their own–if they really […]

  2. […] as I stated when I got my gym membership, I am now one of those douchebags that swims in a heated pool and attends group fitness classes. […]

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