Drop Pounds Without Exercise?

March 6, 2012

PhotobucketThe title of this post is misleading, but will make more sense of you read this article from USA Today. I am of the school of thought that I do two levels of activity throughout the day. I do the basic things that I need to do to function: walk to work, run errands on foot, walk home, walk around my house to do chores etc. And, I also intentionally exercise–where my heart rate is elevated and I am focused on the energy I am burning for the express purpose of exercising.

The USA Today article, posted by my friend Mikey, focuses on an issue many Americans face: a lack of the first type of activity, or a “sitting disease”. I realized a long time ago that I didn’t feel healthy driving everywhere and sitting 8-hours a day behind a desk. It’s pretty easy to increase your NEAT, or “non-exercise activity thermogenesis,” (the first type of activity) by just changing the way you do everyday things in your life. Examples being: walking or biking to work rather than driving. Or, taking a walk to catch up with a friend rather than meeting for drinks. Once you’ve worked these extra bits of exercise into your day for about 21 days (long enough to form a habit), you’ll be used to the increased activity and continuously burn more calories every day.

I also recommend exercising on top of increasing your NEAT. It’s great to take more steps every day, but there is something key about making a mind–muscle connection when you are focused on exercise for exercise’s sake. Also, you’ll gain a lot of health benefits by elevating your heart rate and putting yourself in oxygen depletion.


2 Responses to “Drop Pounds Without Exercise?”

  1. […] I’ve written about this before, but a subject I really want to revisit today is N.E.A.T, or non-exercise activity thermogenesis. Right now I workout once or even twice a day, but before I had a gym membership I was rapidly dropping weight due to increasing my N.E.A.T. What does this mean exactly? Well, basically increasing the amount of calories you burn in your everyday life when you’re NOT exercising. […]

  2. […] posted about increasing your NEAT as a way to lose weight by forming better lifestyle habits. Yesterday my friends Amy and Hollee did […]

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