Stretching Past Limits

March 8, 2012

PhotobucketMany of you will read this post and think “Duh Michelle”. But, please bear in mind that I am not, nor have I ever been, an athletic person. So, anyway, you guys ever heard of stretching?

I’m not kidding when I say that I NEVER stretch. Since I’ve been seeing my trainer I’ve been doing two, hour-long workouts with her a week, plus hitting the gym on my own five times a week and still walk/jog training for Hood to Coast. I am being very very active, and my body feels like a series of bricks held together by magic.

Cut to yesterday: after a few sets of weighted squats Lyndsi asked me to do lunges across the gym and back. NDB, right? Until lunge number one and I feel this TERRIBLE pulling from my inner thigh. It felt like the muscle was going to snap in half! We stop there to… what is this you say? STRETCH? Is that an English word? Apparently if you are exercising regularly you also need to be stretching regularly. Hmmmm, interesting.

After a few minutes of working things out I successfully lunged the width of the gym 4 times! But, how on earth did I go two years of working out independently without stretching? Well… I didn’t know how. A lot of people my age played sports in high school, took weight lifting classes as electives, and were taught how to s t r e t c h their muscles out after a hard-hitting session at the gym. I was at home knitting and painting my bedroom black while burning incense and listening to the Ramones (it was a phase, okay). What I wasn’t doing was learning how to properly bend my body into a pretzel.

It’s funny because I see people at the track stretching both before and after they run, and I’m always thinking–hmmm I don’t stretch and I’m fine. But, today, even after a few fleeting minutes of stretching, I am feeling fantastic. I think I may be doing this every effing day. So, there you go kids, you probably only learned that I am clearly oblivious, but at least I learned something yesterday that will impact the rest of my life.


One Response to “Stretching Past Limits”

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