Take a Break

March 9, 2012

PhotobucketI’ve been posting about the relationship between health and work a lot lately. This is mostly because I work a 40+ hour work week, seated at a desk. Since weight loss is always on my mind the connection is almost impossible to escape. Today’s post is in the same vein, however, this time it’s something I’m EXTREMELY guilty of: not taking breaks.

This article over at CBS News outlines the higher risks for diabetes and vision problems if you fail to take breaks from your work and move around regularly. Since I sit on a fitness ball, and do get up for water and bathroom breaks often, I’m not too concerned about the movement piece of this article, but my vision does worry me. I often work 8 or 9 hours straight and have trouble reading any sort of text when I get home–I already wear prescription glasses specifically for computer use. So, my goal for this coming week will be to take breaks. I’m going to take my glasses off, go outside and force my eyes to focus near and far, maybe I’ll even walk around a little but while I’m out there.


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