Let’s Lose Together

March 13, 2012


This isn't Ashley, but it might as well be.

My roommate Ashley is a big fan of NPR. I don’t believe there are words to actually describe how much she likes it (especially This American Life), so I’m just going to let you view the photo tied to this post and make your own assumptions.

Anyway, I sometimes take a gander at the NPR site cause I like to see what the hip kids are up to and whatever–my motives don’t really matter here, so I’ll get to the point. I read this article about the effects weight loss can have on friends and family members and found the results very exciting and interesting.

Apparently when someone commits to losing a large amount of weight, in this study they followed people who had gastric surgery, the people around them tend to also lose weight. This makes a lot of sense since it’s a social norm to celebrate occasions with food: holidays, birthdays, accomplishments, weddings, births, deaths, etc. If we usually eat with the ones we love, we are likely going to impact their habits if someone in the group is observing a specific diet.

I know that my roommates (and significant others when I have them) tend to eat better around me–especially when I’m being strict on my diet and working out regularly. Partly because it’s nice to share meals together sometimes, but also because being around healthy behavior can be a motivator to make better choices. Studies like this give me hope that Americans won’t someday make Wall-e a prediction of our fate.


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