Zumba Lovin’

March 15, 2012

PhotobucketAlright, as I stated when I got my gym membership, I am now one of those douchebags that swims in a heated pool and attends group fitness classes. I’m not exactly proud that I’ve cracked under the pressure of “bad” weather, but I feel I do have to admit something to the world–the blog world at least–okay, the like four people that read my blog, anyway…


There. I said it. My friend Lauren and I were both Zumba virgins, and sheepishly picked the very back of the classroom to pop that cherry. I think the success of this type of class weighs heavily on the instructor, and we were verrrrry lucky girls. Teresa, or Zumba Mother Teresa as she is know on Facebook, is full of energy and made learning all the moves easy and not intimidating.

I honestly haven’t been that sweaty after an hour in the gym since… well ever. Zumba provides a great aerobic workout (cardio), but also has a lot of moves that use your own body as resistance: squats, raising arms (strength training). Even after all of the work I have to say the sorest muscles in my body were my cheeks from smiling so much. Yes, I’ve only been to Zumba once, but I have a date with Lauren to be there again tomorrow. I cannot wait. Zumba effing rocks.

/end yuppie rant


2 Responses to “Zumba Lovin’”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I enjoy your blog.

    I’m a fat (or “voluptuous”) chick needing to embrace a healthy life-style and, most importantly, work my ass off more often.

    I was reading your posts about dealing with depression and I completely relate to getting stuck in a rut.
    My fiancee has depression/anxiety and works from home, so it’s easy for me to get stuck in a mopey mindset and not get my butt on the elliptical! 🙂
    I’m trying to encourage him to get out more, but we both end up sitting around. His 8 screwdrivers a day don’t help. Haha 😉

    But I digress…
    Your progress has been fantastic and I applaud your efforts!
    It was refreshing to read your struggles and triumphs.

    Keep it up!

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