A Taste of Holi

March 22, 2012

PhotobucketHoli is a holiday in India where everyone throws colorful powder on each other in Spring. While I would love to travel to India, I can’t afford to make that happen anytime soon. Instead, I’m planning to participate in a color run this fall. If you’re in my area there is a color run in Portland, September 29th, 2012.

The coolest part of this is that people of all different ages and fitness levels can participate. It’s a 5k, but you can do as little as one–you can walk, jog, whatever.

There hasn’t been any running in my life the past two days because the world decided to dump snow all over the Pacific Northwest in the middle of March, but a girl can still dream of days when the cold air won’t burn her lungs, and stretching ones legs along the pavement to the rhythm of the music in your headphones can happen in peace. I’m done ranting–you should all come get covered in colors with me.


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