Do You Neoprene?

March 28, 2012

PhotobucketLyndsi has been sporting a neoprene waist wrap for the last few weeks because she is training to compete in her first fitness competition of this season.

I obviously am not in the same boat, but I have seen her progress with the band and decided to get one for myself.

If you’re not hip to neoprene, basically it creates a sauna-like effect making you sweat a lot more when you workout. I like it so far because wearing the band causes me to sit up straight on my fitness ball at work (I’ve developed quite a nice slouching habit), and because it’s tight I am conscious of my abs and find myself engaging them often.

I wouldn’t say I believe neoprene workout gear is super effective in long-term weight loss. Only diet and exercise will yield results. But, for water loss and consistent ab engagement, I’d definitely recommend a waist wrap.

I’m also interested in getting some capri pants that do the same thing because I have a lot of cellulite on my thighs. But, that’ll be a different post if I go through with it.


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