Weekly Update

April 12, 2012


Drunk me on the streets of Oakland. Pictured: LV bag, mace and vodka (aka a good vacation)

Okay I’m slacking on blogging. I would say there’s no excuse, but honestly I don’t get paid to do this and my actual income-earning job has been super busy as of late. Of course, this is because I took a small vacation to San Francisco and partied too hard which lead to an awesome head/chest cold–so sexy.

Anyway, I’m home and back in action. Got back in the gym for the first time yesterday (despite still having an awesome cough) and worked my legs hard with Lyndsi. Then elliptical’d for an hour and snotted myself in the sauna for awhile. Seriously guys, if you are sick just sit in the sauna and blow your nose (I suggest a towel for this) you will get sooooo much nonsense out of your poor, congested face. Plus, guys think this is really hot. Promise.

Anyway, new measurements will be up on Monday. I’ve been rocking my neoprene waist belt and feel thinner. I’m excited to see where things are!


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