Tea Makes You Pee

April 13, 2012

PhotobucketThis has been my mantra as of late (my mantra against water retention that is) and Andy McBee liked it so much I decided to title this post that way.

Dieting isn’t so bad in general, but sometimes I crave things repeatedly that I really can’t let myself have; one of these is hot chocolate. Sure, I could let myself cheat and have hot chocolate weekly or something, but the caffeine and sugar is so addictive I end up wanting it every single day. Instead I’ve turned to dessert flavored teas to help with the cravings.

If you love chocolate (as I do) you should try Guayaki’s Yerba Mate Chocolatte tea. At 4 calories a serving, and less than 1 gram of carbs, this tea has 24 vitamins and minerals, and 15 amino acids. I’ve developed quite a Mate Chocolatte habit (like 3-4 a day), but honestly it’s only hurting my wallet and not my waistline.

I’ve also been drinking Lipton’s Caramel Vanilla Truffle Tea. This stuff smells like you’re about to drink a rich caramel latte, but really it just tastes like tea. I like it, but I wouldn’t say it satisfies cravings. If you love love caramel I’d suggest getting some caramel flavored rice cakes or maybe some sugar-free pudding.

Lyndsi got some of the Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla White Chai Tea. I’ve yet to try it, but she swears it’s good. However, it should be noted that since she is training for a bikini competition that is now 8 days away, she hasn’t had a carb in forever, so her opinion of what is delicious may be skewed.


One Response to “Tea Makes You Pee”

  1. Ashley R. Says:

    I bought some Republic of Tea peppermint chocolate tea during the winter. It’s good, but tastes like peppermint-no chocolate. Maybe I’ll pick up a box of your tea 🙂 I love hot chocolate and I can totally identify with it sparking the craving. Oh! The horror!

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