Mis Planes Para el Cinco de Mayo

April 19, 2012


Andy and Me, Cinco de Mayo 2007

Cinco de Mayo is often called “Cinco de Drinko” among college students and post-college aged people like myself. Since drinking doesn’t really fit in with my weightloss and fitness goals (despite knowing this I still mess up), I’m always looking for alternative sober activities.

This year I plan on running the Cinco de Mayo 5k to benefit Centro Latino Americano. The plan here is two-fold: first, I really want to work on getting my mile time down and this gives me a couple weeks to train before having a timed event. And, two, it’ll keep me from drinking to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Plus, I’ll still have an occasion to wear my “Cerveza Por Favor” t-shirt–which I only wear once a year on this day.

If you live in the Eugene, Oregon area and are interested in running the race with me, registration is $20 and the entry form can be found here.

Edited to add: I’ll post a before and after of me in that shirt come race day. Wow how things have changed!


3 Responses to “Mis Planes Para el Cinco de Mayo”

  1. […] lazy because of it. Plan to work extra hard in the gym tonight to make it up. Only two weeks until my next 5k, so I predict there will be plenty of running this week too. Happy […]

  2. […] am running my second 5k tomorrow morning for Cinco de Mayo, so I could probably justify eating some rice tonight, but I’m not going to. Running 3.2 […]

  3. […] first revolves around an artisan chocolate bar that I was given at last weekend’s race. Instead of consuming it in one go, as I wanted to TERRIBLY after the race, I put it in my freezer. […]

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