Do You Smell What I’m Cooking?

April 25, 2012

PhotobucketI’m not the Rock, unfortunately, but I do have something cooking in the kitchen that you should smell: my body.

Yes, this sounds cannibalistic and perverse, but that’s how I like to keep things around here. In all seriousness, there is a saying “Abs are made in the kitchen,” but this is really true of all body parts–your diet means more than any other part of your fitness routine. You can workout everyday, but if you’re eating crap* you’re not going to see results.

Since a few people have asked about my meal plan for the week, I figured I’d go ahead and post what I’m eating (for the next 7 days), here:

  • Meal #1: Protein pancake with sugar free jam (245 cals)
  • Meal #2: 4 ounces grilled chicken breast, 2 cups spinach (138 cals)
  • Meal #3: 3 hard-boiled egg whites, 4 celery stalks (102 cals)
  • Meal #4: 2 tablespoons crunchy natural peanut butter (210 cals)
  • Meal #5: 4 ounces grilled chicken breast, 2 cups spinach (138 cals)
  • Meal #6: 6 ounces tilapia, 2 cups romaine, 2 tablespoons yellow mustard, one baked onion (318 cals)

Total calorie intake: 1151.

I will note that there should be a run before meal one, and there is a workout between meals #4/5 and #6. I am using the peanut butter as quick energy before I hit the gym, and having a larger meal when I get home. Perhaps this isn’t what The Rock is cooking, but I bet as a body builder his diet is just a more calorie heavy version of something like this.

*I just wanted to bring some new crap food to everyone’s attention: Ben & Jerry’s frozen Greek yogurt. Not gonna lie, I’ve had the blueberry flavor and it was yummy, but this stuff isn’t Greek yogurt. It contains Greek yogurt, and additional milk and CORN SYRUP. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is healthy. If you want to try it stop by a Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop and try a single serving. Save yourself from the at-home pint. It is delicious, though.


5 Responses to “Do You Smell What I’m Cooking?”

  1. Ashley R. Says:

    At home pints are my demise. I always think I am saving money by buying pints (which technically I am), but I am not saving my body!

    • figurefinder Says:

      Yeah, luckily when I tried it I was up in Portland, and got a scoop with which I walked around eating–so I didn’t feel that bad since I was moving for several hours after I ate it.

      You may be saying money monetarily, but you pay for it elsewhere.

  2. That baked ONION sounds awesome! I adore, adore sauteed onions and bakes onions, I just have to bake a whole one! 😉

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