Mirco Goals; Revisited

May 10, 2012

PhotobucketLast week I talked about setting mirco goals, because long-term goals can seem overwhelming. This morning while running I realized that since that post I have set two, and figured I should share them with you. This is a blog about my personal experience anyway, so imma post what I want!

The first revolves around an artisan chocolate bar that I was given at last weekend’s race. Instead of consuming it in one go, as I wanted to TERRIBLY after the race, I put it in my freezer. Once I hit 28% body fat that sucker is mine. I’m currently at 32%, so this will be a few weeks. But every time I open the freezer I see it and remind myself of what I’m working toward.

Second, I have set a date with my friend Sam to eat steak and drink a martini once I’m down 10lbs from my last weigh-in. Steak isn’t a lean meat used for fat loss, but it is one of my favorite foods. And, while losing body fat is my main focus, seeing overall numbers drop on the scale is an indication of hard work too. I have an update on Tuesday and I’m really hoping to see a significant drop in my overall body weight. Plus, this will mark 100lbs lost since I started this journey, so that deserves a steak!

These goals are important because they really do help me stay on track. When I am craving chocolate I remind myself that I am so close to that reward, and keep myself from cheating. Or, when I’m out running and feel like I should take a walking break, I remind myself that just a few pounds more and I get a juicy steak and just push past the pain. Once I reach these goals I’ll set more, and soon enough I’ll be at my final goal without even stressin’ it.

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