May 15, 2012

PhotobucketI’ve posted numerous times about New Years Resolutions. Despite my distaste for them, I made a few this year, one of which is getting into yoga, and yesterday I tried yoga for the very first time.

I was nervous because my body isn’t terribly flexible and my gym doesn’t have a class for beginners, but my friend John insisted that Paul, the instructor at Oakway, was awesome and encouraged me to go for it.

Here are my feelings on yoga in a list format:

  • It’s definitely not as difficult as I had expected
  • Despite being a group class the experience was very individual
  • I need to be more patient with my body
  • I am capable of a lot more than I thought
  • I need to keep going to see improvement
I plan on attending class again tomorrow. There were only two poses I had trouble with and those were more of a lack of balance (which I think will come as I grow more confident) and not a lack of flexibility. Overall I would say it was a really good experience and my muscles definitely feel better than they have since I’ve been training this hard. It’ll be awhile before I’m enrolling in Bikram’s Teacher Training, though.
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2 Responses to “Half-A-Resolution”

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