Chalk Full o’ Riboflavin

May 16, 2012

PhotobucketThanks to the search feature on this blog I am able to keep acute detail of some strange things in my life. For example, on April 26th, 2010, I discussed supplements and how I should probably start taking a multivitamin. It only took a little over two years, but now I’ve started taking one! Rome wasn’t built in a day alright?

I’ve always been pretty skeptical of taking vitamins. I think it’s because my parents aren’t the healthiest of people and aside from a brief tryst with Flintstone Kids vitamins in kindergarten, I don’t remember regularly taking anything, ever.

Anyway, since I am training fairly hard, and on a restricted diet, I’ve started taking the generic version of GNC’s Ultra Mega Women’s multivitamin. As the title of this post states, they are indeed chalk full of riboflavin (or B2, as it is also known) as well as many hundreds of percents of other vitamins and minerals. I realize there is no way I am getting all of the nutrients I need from the foods I am eating, so this should help my body heal and regenerate cells, as well as give me more energy; hello B vitamins!

Also, if you’re new to taking vitamins, or are interested in testing the current multivitamin you take, a good thing to do is leave one of your pills in a glass of water overnight. If it dissolves fully, it means your body is able to break down the capsule, and you’re probably absorbing a fair amount. If there is a chalky clump leftover in the morning, you should probably upgrade to a better vitamin. Thanks Lyndsi for the tip!


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