Muscle Memory Foam

May 16, 2012

PhotobucketFor my Wheel of Fortune nerds out there, this post’s title is a Before & After. For the rest of you, shut up. Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy are great television programs.

I have recently learned how to stretch and even started exploring the practice of yoga, but somehow I’ve managed to overlook the most therapeutic activity I’ve learned about recently: foam rolling.

Basically, you use your body weight on the foam roller to work out muscle tightness. I have trouble with my IT band area from running and often use this foam rolling stretch to work out the outer side of my thighs, hips and glutes. I also have pain and tightness in my upper trapezius (upper back/neck/shoulder-blade area) and use this stretch to help combat it–if this is too painful at first, you can put the foam roller against a wall, and lean into it instead (using far less of your body weight for a gentler stretch).

I’m lucky to have foam rollers at the gym, but if you’d like to purchase one I recommend a high density foam roller, which for some reason tend to be the black ones. The white or colored rollers are made of a softer foam and don’t seem to have as deep of an effect in the muscle tissue.


One Response to “Muscle Memory Foam”

  1. olgasjourney Says:

    I love your before and after reference! I also really love that you wrote this post today because I have just been getting into the foam roller. Good timing and very informative!

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