Help! I’m Alive

May 24, 2012

PhotobucketToday’s song title inspired by Metric.

I realize it’s Thursday and I haven’t posted since last week. I’m sorta in a funk, guys. Turns out I have bursitis in my left knee–most likely caused by running, but brought out by my yoga adventure last week.

I can’t do anything I would usually do on my knee: weight lifting, running, the step-mill, proposing… which is killing me. I feel so unmotivated and lazy and keep eating the wrong things because I am feeling so lousy.

Today is a new day, though, and I’m going to lift upper body with Lyndsi and Amy and do some swimming after. I’ve got a whole ‘nother two weeks of rest so I need to keep myself accountable and do the best I can on my diet since my activity level is now low.

I assure you I am in fact still alive, though. I just haven’t been in the mood to blog since all I’ve been doing is icing my knee and laying on the couch watching Netflix. If you’re reading this please run a little bit extra for me.


3 Responses to “Help! I’m Alive”

  1. Darn it!, Sorry you are going to hold off on proposing.

    Hang in there, after you take sometime, before you run again, maybe spend some time on the Elliptical Trainer. I had to do that when I had damaged my knee(Tendonitis). Slowly turn the resistance up as you feel warmer and back it off if your in too much discomfort. You will be back on it in no time.

    If it makes you feel better I have been eating like K-rap the last few weeks. I really need to get my diet under control.

  2. […] I’m doing that finally) I’m back out braving the road. A large part of this is due to my knee still being messed up and having trouble walking for extended periods of […]

  3. […] Since I’m injured and less active overall right now, I’ve been watching my carb consumption like a hawk–considering hawks are birds of prey, this analogy is actually very literal. Anyway, I have been having terrible chocolate cravings, but until yesterday have just been trying to ignore them. […]

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